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Georgie, Klara, and Victoria are staying at Aashyana Lakhenpal for a couple of nights with us. In this photo we are enjoying some gin and tonics and watching the sunset. Also, unlike everywhere else in India, it is acceptable in Goa to wear bikinis, short skirts, and tank-tops in public (both Indians and tourists are doing this).

Lots of restaurants along the beach

Here we are at the night market near Calengute. This was my favourite market we have been to so far because it was at night (therefore not too hot), near the ocean (cool breeze and nice view) and had live entertainment! We saw some Indian martial art, fire poi, and dancing. The market itself was also HUGE and had some amazing stuff. I bought a pair of shoes (Birkenstocks for only Cdn$10) and some anklets. This was also the most number of tourists I have seen in one place so far. Lots of fun!

My new shoes :)

Now we are off on a 12 hour overnight train journey down the coast to Kochi (Cochin)!

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Me, Dylan, and Ajai

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This is Villa Aashyana Lakhanpal, a beautiful resort-like set of cottages and rooms right on the ocean in Goa. We are staying here for a week thanks to the one and only Ajai Lakhanpal. He actually asked me to post some photos of his property in case anyone I know back in Canada would like to take a vacation here. More details at www.aashyanalakhanpal.com.

Beautiful pool, only a 2 minute walk from property’s private beach entrance.

This is the life.

One of the bedrooms in our 2 bedroom cottage

I love the outdoor bathroom – except when the mosquitoes are out at sunset.

We have met lots of interesting people while staying here and Ajai has been kind enough to introduce us to some of his friends. The food is amazing and since we have a kitchen in our cottage, Dylan and I have been doing a lot of cooking ourselves. We bought delicious prawns and vegetables from the local market and all the local restaurants have tons more seafood to offer. Well, time to get back to the beach!

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